Four Generations Of The Royal Household, 1894 Artist: W&d Downey # 1149361

At noon on the following day the Duke and Duchess left the city amid significantly cheering and the farewells of a representative gathering at the station. On the way to Halifax the City of Moncton, N. B., celebrated the arrival of the Royal tourists with a half holiday, a decorated station and a mass of cheering men and women. Mayor Atkinson presented a number of prominent individuals and the Duchess received a couple of handsome bouquets. At Dorchester, as the train arrived it passed by means of a gaily decorated station, cheering crowds and local officials ranged along the platform.

On 6th February 1899 yet another sad bereavement befell the King in the death of Prince Alfred, the only son of his brother, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The utmost sympathy was shown by all classes with King Edward and Queen Alexandra in this terrible bereavement. The King was represented at the funeral by his son, and the Duke of Cambridge represented Queen Victoria. Queen Alexandra of course remained at Copenhagen for the last sad rites.

To the Duchess of Kent he wrote that “the activity was no easy one for them but they discharged it devoid of embarrassment and with natural simplicity.” From this it is evident that the shyness spoken of by Lady Lyttelton had largely passed away from the manner of the Prince. Throughout this year the latter—now fourteen years old—took an incognito walking tour via the west of England accompanied by Mr. Gibbs and Colonel Cavendish. The next two or three years have been spent in a satisfied life of mixed pursuits in England and Scotland, or in travel abroad, alternating, according to the place and season, among fishing and shooting, ponies and picnics, deer-stalking and juvenile dances, research, tours and occasional functions. Many pictures of the Royal family in these days of childhood and youth have been preserved from the brushes of Winterhalter, Richmond, Landseer, Saul and other folks. On October 30, 1849, when almost eight years old, the Prince of Wales performed his initially public function.

Born in Copenhagen, the eldest daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark She married Edward VII in 1863 when he was Prince of Wales. She was renowned for her beauty and lived a glamorous and lavish way of life with Edward. On the death of Victoria she became Queen consort of Edward VII. Her charity work and the loyalty she showed towards her husband in spite find more of his mistresses endeared her to her subjects. She became engaged in charity operate and founded the Imperial Military Nursing Service in 1902, and instituted the annual Alexandra Rose Day in aid of hospitals in 1912.

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria of Terrific Britain have been hunting for a appropriate bride for their heir and oldest son, Albert Edward, and even although Alexandra was under no circumstances their initial selection, she was becoming thought of for the marriage. Her household had strong relations with Germans, so it was pretty much confirmed that the Prince would have a German wife, but nothing at all suitable was taking place in that direction, and the Royal British loved ones finalised Alexandra as their daughter-in-law. She was selected to be the wife of the Prince of Wales, and the couple married at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor in 1863.

He died on the eve of a war that destroyed forever the measured, voluptuous, simple globe of Guelpho the Gay. Small Drina, now Victoria, became Queen, and celebrated this milestone by taking her bed out of her mother’s area, and announcing that from now on she would sleep alone. She did, when awakened and told of the death of her Uncle, say , “I will be great”, but most historians never assume she was speaking about consuming her vegetables or acquiring to bed on time. Rather, they think she was speaking about the standard reality that she was determined to be a fantastic ruler. William, whose reign began with excellent guarantee (any reign right after George’s could get started with nothing but), ended ignominiously, and without fanfare. It was now more than and the sons and daughters of King George III, would no longer be the major worry of the nation.

The subsequent two or 3 years saw the Prince participating in a lot of public and additional or significantly less critical events. Accompanied by the Princess of Wales he laid the foundation of new buildings in connection with the Earlswood Asylum, in Surrey, on June 28, 1869. An incident of this event was not only the usual gift of a hundred guineas by the Prince but a procession of ladies who passed up to the dais in single file and deposited upwards of four hundred purses, which they had collected for the Charity, below the influence of Royal patronage and encouragement. On July 7th Their Royal Highnesses visited Lynn, inaugurated the new Alexandra Dock, and took component in numerous neighborhood events. A state stop by to Manchester followed, on July 29th, and the Prince opened the annual exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, of which he was President, and was offered a warm welcome in and about the city. In the course of his speech the Prince paid a tribute to the function of Brunel and Stephenson and, in the latter connection, referred to the fantastic bridge across the St. Lawrence, in Canada, which he had inaugurated in 1860 and to which he gave the credit for an chance to go to British America and the United States.

However a further foot note to history was added when in 1906 the Bambata Rebellion took spot in Zululand over the query of the newly introduced poll tax imposed on African households. The uprising was brutally suppressed by Natal colony troops with the deaths of some 3000 to 4000 of these Zulu warriors. In 2006 the clan chief who led the uprising Bambata was proclaimed a national hero. Elaborate preparations had been made in honour of the Coronation of King Edward the Seventh…

Strong search-lights from the top of the City Hall tower were an distinctive function of the demonstration. Meanwhile, numerous incidents illustrative of the King’s tact and influence upon public affairs had occurred. His nicely-identified interest in American affairs was shown on June 1st by an official reception offered at Windsor Castle to the members of the New York Chamber of Commerce who had been visiting England as guests of the London Chamber of Commerce.

Her widowed mother was lonely and depended utterly on John Conroy – a servant of her former husband who was bent on power. Shortly right after her accession to the throne, Queen Victoria moved into Buckingham Palace, which was previously owned by her late uncle King William IV. This produced Queen Victoria the initial reigning monarch to take up residence at Buckingham, even though her move did not come with out its struggles. As the royal family’s internet site puts it, “Her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 soon showed up the Palace’s shortcomings.” In spite of her grandparents, King George III and Queen Charlotte possessing 15 youngsters, prior to Victoria was born there was only one reputable heir to the throne in her generation—King George IV’s daughter Princess Charlotte.

One particular year later, Robert Pate, a former soldier, applied an iron-tipped cane to hit the Queen in the head, according to Smithsonian Magazine. Born in Kensington Palace on May 24, 1819, Queen Victoria was originally named Alexandrina Victoria, just after her godfather, Tsar Alexander I, but usually preferred to go by her second name, or the nickname ‘Drina. At birth, Victoria was fifth in the line of succession for the British crown, behind the 4 eldest sons of George III, such as her 3 uncles and her father, Edward.